CCS Mobile (for Android)

It allows you to download your CCS flight schedule and view it offline — including crew photos.

Now…with open-time!


CCS Mobile on your Android phone.

Users of older Android versions might have to first enable download apps from non-market sites. Go to Settings»Security menu and enable this feature.

Then, using your Android phone's browser, visit this current page (i.e.

If you're reading this on your Android browser, click on the link below to download.

>> Download CCS Mobile <<
v2.1 (build 698)

Once downloaded to the phone, tap on the notification bar to install the app.

Release Notes


After installation, on the Android phone:
Start the CCS Mobile app on the phone.
Press the menu button, select the Settings option. Enter your CCS emp-id and United password in the respective fields.
Press the Back button to save changes and to put you back on the main app window.


After you've completed the above setup successfully...
On the Android phone, start the CCS Mobile app.
Press the menu button and select the Download option.
You should see a Download Started message. After some time you'll get download status message.

That's it — repeat any time you'd like to update your schedule.


Why a new version?

I've still got subscription on the legacy app - can I transfer to this new one?

I've got a lot of crew/layover notes on the legacy app - will they transfer?

Ok - I saved my notes on the clipboard on the legacy app - now what?

CCS Mobile Terms of Service

There's a 14-day trial period...once you subscribe, refunds are not offered.

Subscription is tied to a single user and device (i.e. one subscription will not allow use on multiple devices).

If you get a new device, just e-mail us and we'll transfer the remaining subscription days to the new device.

CCS Mobile Privacy

Your emp-id is saved on server to track subscription.

Both emp-id and password are forwarded to CCS server.

No user information is collected and/or sent to third-party sites.

CCS Mobile Disclaimer

As always, your active work schedule is on CCS and it's your responsibility to check with it.
CCS Mobile is not responsible for any missed assignments.