Watch video on how to make sure your installation works with CCS Max.

CCS Max is compatible with Firefox v56 and Greasemonkey v3.10†.


We're looking into making it compatible but will take a few weeks if not more. In the meantime, CCS Max for Google Chrome is a good alternative - just added a new feature for FA RESV POOL page.

Please do NOT download & install more recent versions without first checking with this page. Disable Firefox auto update!

PC: FF menu Tools >> Options and then Advanced >> Update tab - uncheck Automatic updates.

Mac: FF menu Preferences and then Advanced >> Update tab - uncheck Automatic updates.

Maximize your CCS experience using the CCS Max software-extension along with Firefox browser.

CCS Max adds functionality to CCS by modifying the pages as they're displayed in the Firefox browser. Major features are:

  • Trip Alerts — Receive SMS text messages on your cell-phone when desirable trips appear in open time. More info.
  • Star Pairing Ratings — you can rate pairings by specifying your own criteria. For example, preferred destinations, crew-members etc. More ratings info here.
  • Pairing Pay Calculatormore info.
  • Optimal Reserve-Pool page display — optimally displays the info for quickly figuring out the coverage.
  • Master-Schedule pageview pairing-info directly from master-schedule page.
  • Export Schedule to external Calendarmore info.
  • Crew Photos — view crew photos of those on your flight schedule. Also printable.
  • Messaging — Send and receive messages from any CCS user who also has CCS Max installed.
  • Many other features — making CCS Max a truly indispensible tool for the crew-member who wants to take CCS to the max!

    Install CCS Max

    How to install CCS Max!
    If you're upgrading from an earlier release of CCS Max, make sure you have the required version of Greasemonkey extension (STEP 3). Then skip to STEP 5.

    For a new installation, please follow these steps verbatim:

    Get Firefox!
    STEP 1: Download Firefox browser. It's a better alternative to the other one — faster, safer and highly customizable.

    STEP 2: Install Firefox and then revisit this page using Firefox browser.

    Info on Greasemonkey Extension STEP 3: Install Greasemonkey software extension —  click here to download & install Greasemonkey v3.10 (check installed version).

    Firefox will warn you that an extension is being installed and display a button labelled Edit Options on the top-right. Click on it and enable downloads from this site.

    Click on the Greasemonkey install link above again and this time it'll be installed.

    STEP 4: Restart Firefox!

    After restarting, you should see a small monkey-icon on the top-right corner of the browser.

    STEP 5: Install CCS Max - click on the link below.

    United Users
    CCS Max 4.15
    • fixed: RESV POOL works again. IMPORTANT - once the table is displyed, press ENTER button two times.
    Revision History

    Tip: When you click on the link, if you get a page full of squiggly code — make sure Greasemonkey is enabled.

    Tip: When you click on the link, if you get a blank page then select the Tools»Options menu and click on the Security tab. Click on the Exceptions button and enable downloads from site.

    On clicking the link above, Firefox will display a warning along with an Install button. Click on the button to install CCS Max.

    STEP 6: Log into CCS and enjoy!

    You know everything is working ok when you see the enabled monkey-icon () and the CCS Max message at the bottom of the CCS home-page.

    Using CCS Max

    Once you have it running (i.e. see the monkey-icon on the browser), it should work transparently.

    If you'd like to turn off CCS Max for a while, click on the monkey-icon to disable it (). Click again to re-enable it.

    CCS Max Installation FAQ

    Can CCS Max be installed in Internet Explorer?

    Mac support?

    Will CCS Max work on my iPad or other tablet?

    When I click on CCS Max download link, I see a bunch of squiggly code?

    Got everything installed properly - still not working. Now what?

    CCS Max Membership FAQ

    What's TRIAL mode?

    What features are disabled once trial period expires?

    What's PREMIUM mode?

    How much do I have to pay?

    How do I pay?

    I don't see this Paypal link on the CCS home page?

    What's the refund policy?

    CCS Max Usage FAQ

    CCS Max does not remember passwords correctly - help?

    I can't seem to get the CCSMax rating settings to work on the open time page.

    On the open time page, what do purple lines mean?

    My settings (e.g. fields, viewed pairings) are not saved. Everytime I login I have to re-enter them?

    How do I print My Schedule with crew photos?

    How do I import my schedule into my Outlook calendar?

    Un-Install CCS Max

    In Firefox, select Tools»Add-ons menu option. A window will be displayed. Select Greasemonkey from the list and the click on Uninstall button. Restart Firefox.

    CCS Max Terms & Policy

    CCS is a copyright of United Airlines.

    No refunds are offered 30 days after subscription.

    CCS Max Privacy

    CCS Max does not access (read/write/save) your CCS password without your permission.

    When you log into CCS, CCS Max will transmit your CCS user-id (not password), base and pos to This will be used to control access, download rating-settings and other features.

    No data is transmitted to third-party sites.

    You're authorized to distribute this link and/or the CCS Max software-extension as-is without any modifications.