CCS Mobile Seniority Trip Trade (STT) Help

This feature allows you to submit a CCS STT trip pick-up request.

All the menu options create an STT criteria request.

In the case of a straight pickup, the trip name is the only criterion — so it's the same as an add request.

For the premium-pay options, the criteria is the trip-name and the PP percentage.

A VERY important aspect of this feature is the option to move requests to the real-time window. In app settings for open-time, you specify the number of hours before report-time you're willing to accept. By default, requests are NOT moved to real-time.

This feature does NOT test for legality.

This feature does NOT submit a real-time request.

The format of the request name in STT is id_date_days (e.g. pairing E1234 on the 15th that's a 4-day will be E1234_15_4d).

If you use this feature multiple times for a given pairing, multiple requests (w/ the same name) will be created in CCS. It's your responsibility to delete the expired ones.

How to Use: When you get a trip alert notification, download open-time using the app. If you like the trip, you can use this feature to immediately add a straight or a PP pickup request. Next time the STT runs, it should be processed.

Know how this feature works. Not responsible for inadverdent pick-ups!

How to Test: Create STT requests when STT is NOT scheduled for a run — preferably with illegal pickups. After submitting an STT request via the app, go to CCS and review the request — criteria tab.